2023 Recap


The 2022 sensation continues to be irreverent and non-conformative as his sensual-tinged afropop sound takes the industry by storm.

In a world where afrobeats is at the top of curatorial lists worldwide and a key part of the global pop framework, Bayanni is an influential part of the sound’s future and what it can aspire towards. Since being activated in 2022, the ex-Obafemi Awolowo University student has grabbed attention for the rhythmic infectiousness of his sound and an omnivorous genre-bending approach that takes influence from soul, dancehall, and hip-hop for a specific conception of Afropop that is both addictive and exciting.

2023 has been a year of consolidation for the singer whose self-titled debut continues to serve as a rallying point for listeners getting introduced to him. A remix of the standout song, “Ta Ta Ta,” with American singer, Jason Derulo, helped to extend its popularity and propel the song to new heights. A new single, “Low Waist,” was an infectious low-burner that tied into the steamy vibe that “Ta Ta Ta” introduced, establishing Bayanni as the go-to guy for silky, seductive Afropop numbers.


Low Waist


Ta Ta Ta

Bayanni & Jason Derulo

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