Rema Drops Highly Anticipated New Single  “Hehehe”

Rema Drops Highly Anticipated New Single  “Hehehe”

Afrobeats Supreme Rema goes full speed ahead with the release of a new single titled “Hehehe”. Listen HERE.

Hehehe” is an extension of Rema’s victory lap, heralded by the release of his sensational comeback single “Benin Boys”, which debuted number one on the Nigeria Apple Music chart within eight hours of release. The single also recorded the second biggest opening day streams for a Nigerian song on Spotify. 

On “Hehehe” Rema asserts his dominance with  a relentless tenacity. The lyrics are cutting and direct, leaving no room for doubt or dissenting opinions. The bouncy instrumentals- a work of Producer X- feature staple afrobeat drums, accompanied by haunting strings that add a touch of grandeur and mystique to the track.

Hehehe” further acquaints listeners with the dual nature of the Rave Lorde’s disruptive persona. To some he is a savior, to others a villain-and he has no qualms with being perceived as the latter. In fact he revels in it, the song punctuated by ad-libs in which he laughs derisively at his haters, imitating a stereotypical cartoon villain that has once again triumphed over his adversaries. 

Hehehe” is a fitting coronation song for Afrobeats’ resident “Troublemaker”- and a scathing reminder that he is still the one to beat. 

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